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Pokemon Emerald Nuzlocke Part 10 (6/24/2017) by GrimmCorneliusGrey Pokemon Emerald Nuzlocke Part 10 (6/24/2017) :icongrimmcorneliusgrey:GrimmCorneliusGrey 2 0 NicoB Persona 5 Art Contest Entry by GrimmCorneliusGrey NicoB Persona 5 Art Contest Entry :icongrimmcorneliusgrey:GrimmCorneliusGrey 8 7 June Play Date by GrimmCorneliusGrey June Play Date :icongrimmcorneliusgrey:GrimmCorneliusGrey 25 1 Cats by GrimmCorneliusGrey Cats :icongrimmcorneliusgrey:GrimmCorneliusGrey 13 7 Old Fashion Cartoon Grimm by GrimmCorneliusGrey Old Fashion Cartoon Grimm :icongrimmcorneliusgrey:GrimmCorneliusGrey 25 5 Grimm Grey Presents: The 50+ Subscriber Special! by GrimmCorneliusGrey Grimm Grey Presents: The 50+ Subscriber Special! :icongrimmcorneliusgrey:GrimmCorneliusGrey 7 5 Gift from Redfoxj by GrimmCorneliusGrey Gift from Redfoxj :icongrimmcorneliusgrey:GrimmCorneliusGrey 39 5 Redfoxj's Gift by GrimmCorneliusGrey Redfoxj's Gift :icongrimmcorneliusgrey:GrimmCorneliusGrey 16 5 Young Love by GrimmCorneliusGrey Young Love :icongrimmcorneliusgrey:GrimmCorneliusGrey 8 7 Taking the Triplets Out by GrimmCorneliusGrey Taking the Triplets Out :icongrimmcorneliusgrey:GrimmCorneliusGrey 41 5 Taking a Pic by GrimmCorneliusGrey Taking a Pic :icongrimmcorneliusgrey:GrimmCorneliusGrey 28 13 Mouse Trapped by GrimmCorneliusGrey Mouse Trapped :icongrimmcorneliusgrey:GrimmCorneliusGrey 24 2 A True Mystery by GrimmCorneliusGrey A True Mystery :icongrimmcorneliusgrey:GrimmCorneliusGrey 28 7 Teaser by GrimmCorneliusGrey Teaser :icongrimmcorneliusgrey:GrimmCorneliusGrey 3 7 (The Pit) Set by GrimmCorneliusGrey (The Pit) Set :icongrimmcorneliusgrey:GrimmCorneliusGrey 3 3 Party Boys! by GrimmCorneliusGrey Party Boys! :icongrimmcorneliusgrey:GrimmCorneliusGrey 26 3



Pokemon Emerald Nuzlocke Part 10 (6/24/2017)
This will be the only video I upload for maybe the next month. Summer semester is kicking my ass and I need to focus on it. Hope you all enjoy what I could get done.
(Some episodes, including this one, were recorded before the semester started, so I'll have footage ready to edit when things settle down.)

NicoB Persona 5 Art Contest Entry
This took me a really long time to make! But I'm glad I got it done and can now join the art contest! (I missed the last one so I didn't want to miss this one too.)

Here I have Nico in a mobster inspired outfit with an Emperor Penguin mask, a penguin skull cane that has a hidden blade inside, and a machine gun! I also created his Persona, a giant penguin called Capone, which can add in giving the group additional ammo for their guns at the cost of some HP. And if you're wondering why Capone doesn't have a scar, it's simple: he doesn't receive scars, he gives them to his enemies! (Lame, I know lol).

I hope you enjoy this picture Nico! Been a huge fan of yours and you've introduced me to some really awesome games! 

Stay classy everyone! :D



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community

Over the past few years I've had a couple friends on my art pages either mention in their journals or talk to me in private about how they want to commit suicide. 

I want to remind all of those friends: Please, don't it.

The thing about suicide is, it's not an all answer solution. It doesn't fix a problem it stops it from being resolved, and in most cases, causes pain for those left behind. Because either you realize it or not, you DO mean something to someone. Maybe not at home, but maybe at school, or even here online, you can make the day of someone out there. They can be people you've known for years, people you just met, or even complete strangers. Every action we make while we're alive has a ripple effect, effecting the lives of others, because we are social creatures. It's how we've progressed as far as we've had, because of the actions of others that allowed good things to happen, or have inspired the best in humanity to make the world better. And while it's true that bad things can come from this as well, killing yourself doesn't make those bad things go away. You won't feel relief if you do that, because death is the end of all feeling. There are those that say that not feeling anything would be best, but I feel they say this mostly because they want the pain to end, without considering that death ends happiness as well.You won't be around to see things get better (and they do get better with time). 

So please, if you are feeling upset and think suicide is the best course of action, know that there is always someone out there who is willing to listen and help you through it. And do not be afraid to as for help. You are too important.

Please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline to speak with a professional (they are open 24/7 and always there to help): 1-800-273-8255.

And I also recommend you watch this video from Shane Dawson (he also talks about what I've said in a more comedic tone) 


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Grimm Cornelius Grey
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Hello! Welcome to my new DA Account!
I had one before, called GrimmInHisNursery, but due to problems with the site, a lot of my work ended up deleted, and I decided to leave for a while. I'm back and I'll be posting art work here, as well as on my other pages down below. I also do gameplay streams occasionally, and various projects, usually having something to do with the story I'm working on for my characters.
Please enjoy your visit to my page and thanks for coming!


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no. that's gone forever
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When I put your your old username into the DA search bar, it's all there.
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most of it is still there. a lot of it got deleted during the incident.
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